Relevant Courses Taken


Theoretical Computer Science Courses

  • Computational Complexity Theory (at TIFR)
  • Algebraic Complexity Theory (at TIFR)
  • Cryptography (at TIFR)
  • Algebra and Computation (at TIFR)
  • Ideals, Varieties and Algorithms (at TIFR)
  • Combinatorics (at TIFR)
  • Algorithms and Data structures (at IITG and TIFR)
  • Introduction to Logic (at IITG and TIFR)
  • Automata and Computability (at IITG and TIFR)
  • Optimisation and Linear Programming (at IITG)


Mathematics Courses

  • Abstract Algebra (at SXC and IITG)
  • Galois Theory (at IITG)
  • Linear Algebra (at SXC and IITG)
  • Numerical Linear Algebra (at IITG)
  • Topology (at SXC and IITG)
  • Real and Complex Analysis (at SXC and IITG)
  • Probability (at SXC and IITG)
  • Measure Theory (at IITG)
  • Functional Analysis (at SXC and IITG)
  • Operator Theory (at IITG)
  • Differential Equations (at SXC and IITG)
  • Numerical Analysis (at SXC and IITG)